Photo by Bravo Mike of MJ Darling

I am now offering both group classes and private instruction for anyone wanting to advance their posing skills. I understand how difficult posing models can be, especially when you are new to the model-photography world and/or you are wanting to book clients but need to learn how to pose these clients with confidence and ease. In these classes we will discuss posing do’s and dont’s, how to tap into your creative side to create poses that flow effortlessly with concept you are shooting, and how to be adaptive and improvisational. You will find that, with my style of classes, two things are certain: 1. There are certain rules to follow when posing models which we will go over in depth. These will be your go-to, fail-safe poses when working for clients with a wide variety of looks. 2. Depending on the concept, these rules can certainly be broken and I will help show you how vastly creative you can be once gaining an understanding of the importance of “acting” vs “modeling,” using the “stage” you have set to guide you, with less focus on strict posing rules. I hope to offer a refreshing and unique approach to posing and that you will see great value in attending my classes.

Models: I offer instruction for you as well! I will be fine-tuning my posing classes to be beneficial to both photographer and model.

For private instruction, please reach out to Private instruction rate is completely customizable and depends on each person’s individual needs.