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A current list of our live events. For any further questions about them, please reach out to

Ballet Photography Workshop at Skyloft Studios in Baltimore

Image of Kimberly Thompson by Chris Stark

Image of Kimberly Thompson by Chris Stark

Edit: This event is currently sold out. To get on the waiting list please message me at

Hello photographers! I’m so excited to announce my second Ballet Photography event in the DMV area, this time with dancer and model Kimberly Thompson! Kimberly started her training at the Frederick School of Classical Ballet and has performed numerous times during her professional career. She currently teaches at The Washington Ballet School and dances for Moveius Contemporary Ballet. To read more about her and to see her portfolio, please go to her website at

This workshop will feature multiple studio lighting setups to enhance the dance movements of Kimberly. We will gain experience in learning how to light, photograph and work with a dancer during a photoshoot. This workshop is open to all levels with instruction from me as needed.

Kimberly will have a variety of wardrobe pieces to help create texture and volume and/or to showcase the strength of her physique.

When: April 28th from 3:30-6:30 pm. Please arrive 15 minutes before start time to go over lighting and structure before we jump into the event.

Where: Skyloft Studios at 3701 Bank St F, Baltimore, Maryland

Cost: $215.00. A $100 non-refundable deposit is required to confirm your attendance to the event. The remaining $115 will be due in Cash or via Venmo at the event. I am capping this event at 6 photographers max. To pay deposit, sign up HERE (press on link).

Parking: Off street, easy, and free.

Equipment needed: Camera, and please make sure to bring a wide enough angle lens to get the potentially large movements of the dancer. Skyloft is large, but rectangular, so I would recommend at least a 35mm. Skyloft will provide all lighting and triggers for the event.


Iconic and Edgy Glamour with Jin n Tonic and Dakota Snow at Alchemical Studios

Image of Jin n Tonic by Patrick Dinkfeld

Image of Jin n Tonic by Patrick Dinkfeld

Photo of Dakota by Capitol Bombshell

Photo of Dakota by Capitol Bombshell

Hello NYC Shooters! I have my next event in Manhattan: A glamour photography workshop! We will not focus on the modern glamour we typically see- this event will pay homage to glamour concepts of old: The edgy glamour of the 90’s, posh and elegant glamour of the 50’s, etc will be what we experiment with. Jin n Tonic is a perfect model for this event as she is highly experienced in this genre with the talent to do her own hair/makeup and styling as well. Dakota, the host, will be modeling as well since old school glam is something she also specializes in as a model and stylist, however please be aware her modeling participation is supplementary to Jin n Tonic as the main model for this event. Dakota will occasionally break to adjust lights if needed or help photographers who are in need of assistance.

This space will have natural light, however we will also have a studio light setup! We will have the use of Elinchrom strobes, excellent modifiers and the use of vflats, etc. with one trigger which will work on a rotation- no paparazzi style shooting. The idea is to get good studio and natural light images to add to your portfolio.

To see Jin n Tonic’s portfolio, please go here:

To see Dakota Snow’s portfolio, please go here:

Location: Alchemical Studios at 104 W 14th Street NY. Parking? It’s Manhattan. Godspeed.

Date and time: May 18th, 2019 from 12-3 pm. Please arrive 15 minutes before start time so that we can go over details and have a hard start of noon.

Cost: $200 for three hours of shooting. To reserve your space/RSVP there will be a non-refundable deposit of $100 with $5 service fee with the remaining balance due at the event. We are capping this event at 6 photographers for a ratio of three photographers per model. We will not shoot paparazzi style, and will operate on a lead timer. Each photographer will get a chance to photograph both models in different wardrobe and lighting setups.

Equipment needed: A camera, good wide angle and portrait lens and a tripod if you’d like to bring along will be all you need. Bring reflectors as well if you would like, but we will have a reflector as well. I just ask that you do not bring your own studio lighting and create your own setups for the event as we are focusing on particular lighting setups that work with the concept of the workshop.

To sign up to the event, go HERE