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Photo of Maya provided by Jin Feng/Instagram is fengmedia (go give him a follow!)

Photo of Maya provided by Jin Feng/Instagram is fengmedia (go give him a follow!)

Summer Pool Workshop with Maya Moon and Vivian Beck in MD

Pay deposit to the event HERE

Hello creatives! I’m only doing one event this entire summer in the DMV area due to travel, and this is it! I’m so excited! With this workshop we will be playing with lighting that so many photographers hide from: harsh light! Y’all! Don’t be afraid! I’ve been really getting into a more polished, iconic look as of late, and the use of harsh light can be super fun to play with to create a polished look! I used bare strobes at my last event in NYC that yielded lovely results and for this event I plan on using the power of the sun in combination with my Elinchrom Strobes. We will also play with the use of harsh light and the shadows from fabric and plants! There is so much that can be done with harsh light and hopefully at the end you will have multiple ideas for using this lighting style to your advantage.

Okay! On to our talent! For this event we will have two models and a model/photographer ratio of 1 to 4 tops. No paparazzi style. This is truly going to be a killer event! We will be modeling for up to “art” nude with a combo of wardrobe and figure however this is a more iconic glamour style. Still, my events limit of no erotic/no glam erotic is allowed. Keep it on theme, please, as both models do not shoot that style. No tolerance policy for inappropriate behavior.

Maya Moon, who currently resides in Texas and is visiting briefly in the area is one of our models. You have to photograph this model! I’ve worked with her a few times and she is absolutely one of the most talented and beautiful people I know. Stunning posing ability, no tattoos, fantastic skin…truly a joy to work with:

Vivian is also an incredible model I’ve photographed multiple times. She is very creative, gorgeous, fantastic skin, high level makeup artistry, and has many tattoos which I think will create great variety for this event as we will have one model with and one model without tattoos. Her instagram:

Date and time: This event will be held on August 10th from 12-3 pm in Damascus, Maryland. Please keep just a little bit of flexibility in your schedule for that day available as if it’s raining during that time frame or for part of it, I’d like to adjust time by an hour or so. We will stay updated each day close to the event as to what is best. But, in the past, I have had good outcomes with weather during this time of the year. Also, we will have covered options available.

Cost: $205 for two models over a three hour period. A $105 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your space at the event. Includes all instruction, location, art direction, styling, and lighting costs as well. Model releases provided.

Pay deposit HERE

Parking: easy as this is in a residential area. Address given only to those who sign up.

For any more questions, please let me know at

Photo of Vivian provided by Robert Sleeper

Photo of Vivian provided by Robert Sleeper